frontend developer mit Handy in der Hand

E-commerce solutions (international)

  • B2C online shop
  • B2B online shop
  • Marketplace
  • Multi-channel-solution
  • Data integration
  • booking platform


Digital Consulting

From strategy to implementation

Use our workshops to advance your digital business!


Usability & design

Create client experiences

Optimum usability, a suitable information architecture and a user-orientated design are at the forefront of our UX/UI concept.

  • Creative ideas & strategy
  • Corporate & interface design
  • Customer journey workshops
  • User experience concept
  • Information architecture modelling
  • „Mobile first“

Testing & QM

ISTQB® certified quality

Quality & test management
Creation of test strategies, test concepts and test specifications through functional requirements. Management of test implementation during the project.

Test automation
Establishment of front-end test automation in order to automatically monitor important business workflows in online shops, such as registration and check-out, after every code change.

Performance tests
Testing of front-end performance in order to ensure SEO-relevant topics and further quality indicators.

Cross-browser / device testing
Access to 1,100+ physical/emulated operating systems/devices/browser combinations.

ISTQB Tester mit Geräten in der Hand

Software development

Safe processes that are in line with industry standards

Developer vor Desktop mit Code

The NETFORMIC development process has proven itself in multiple projects and offers a high-quality end product in classic or agile development processes.

  1. The developer makes his/her alterations available as a feature branch in the Git version management system. This is submitted as a pull-request to a code-review (the 4 eyes principle).
  2. On the integration server, a release consisting of one or more features will be deployed for automated and manual tests.
  3. If the release passes the internal tests, it is made available to clients on the staging server.
  4. As soon as the release is cleared by the clients, the release is then deployed on the production server.

Data integration with talend

Core competency with NETFORMIC

Platform & performance: an open-source solution for all integration needs and all data volumes. With talend, we optimise your data paths and ensure seamless synchronicity. Your data is processed between data warehouses, applications and other systems. These high-performance processes are achieved through streamlined Java architecture and guarantee short time-frames, even with large volumes of data.

Data formats & connectors: talend supports a large number of data formats and can be docked to nearly all data sources via the connectors provided. There are connectors for a wide range of database, ERP and CRM systems.

Talend Gold Partner

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